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What might make you concerned?

Teenage boy check shirt
Children rarely tell if they are being abused. However, there may be signs which make you concerned and may be an indication of a child being abused or neglected.

The CHILD may:

  • have unexplained bruising or bruising in an unusual place
  • appear afraid, quiet or withdrawn
  • appear afraid to go home
  • appear hungry, tired or unkempt
  • be left unattended or unsupervised
  • have too much responsibility for their age
  • be acting in a sexually inappropriate way
  • be misusing drugs or alcohol

    The ADULT may:
  • be acting in a violent or sexual manner towards a child
  • be misusing drugs or alcohol while caring for a child

    These are some examples of what might make you worried, or you may know of other things that are happening which mean you need to take action to protect the child.