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Children's Rights Service

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The main functions of the service are:

  • To provide information about rights and responsibilities to looked after and accommodated children and young people
  • Assist children and young people in making complaints and offer support and advice through the process
  • Help young people present their views at meetings such as Children’s Hearings and other meetings
  • Ensure that young people know about the complaints procedure and how to use it

The service provided by the Children’s Rights Service is available to children and young people who are looked after and accommodated by East Dunbartonshire Council.   The service aim to:

  • Help young people to represent their views at meetings such as Children’s Hearing and Looked After Children Reviews.  Our contact number is 07919044557 and messages left are confidential. 

Other useful numbers are:

Who Cares Scotland   0141 226 4441

The Line (Childline for children in care) 0800 884444

Childline 0800 1111

Scottish Child Law Centre 0131 667 6333


Children’s Rights Service
Social Work Department
Southbank House
G66 1QX

Children's Rights Services Booklets

Please see booklets provided by Children’s Rights Services in Scotland. 

Booklet 1 explains what children and young people can expect if they are being looked after away from home.  It provides information about young people’s rights and the responsibilities of adults who are caring and looking after them.  It also describes what happens at a Children’s Hearing and a Review. 

Booklet 2 provides information for young people in secure accommodation who despite having lost their freedom still have rights and it is important for them to have information on these while living in secure care.


The children’s rights officer will not pass on anything that you have shared in confidence without your permission, unless you or someone else is at risk of harm.

Each young person will have open access to any records kept about him or her by the children’s rights officer within the parameterise of the data protection act.