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The Children's Charter

Young girl


A Children’s Charter which aims to protect children and young people has been produced by the Scottish Government. The clear message from children and young people, to the people responsible for keeping them safe, is detailed below:

"As children and young people we have the right to be protected and be safe from harm from others. When we have difficulties or problems we expect you to:

  • get to know us - speak with us
  • listen to us
  • take us seriously
  • involve us
  • respect our privacy
  • be responsible to us
  • think about our lives as a whole
  • think carefully about how you use information about us
  • put us in touch with the right people
  • use your power to help
  • make things happen when they should
  • help us be safe"

    The Children's Charter makes the following pledge:
    Our pledge to the children and young people of Scotland who are at risk of abuse or neglect is that you will:
  • get the help you need when you need it
  • be seen by a professional such as a Teacher, Doctor or Social Worker to
    make sure you are alright and not put at more risk
  • be listened to seriously, and professionals will use their power to help you
  • be able to discuss issues in private when, and if, you want to
  • be involved with, and helped to understand, decisions made about your life
  • have a named person to help you.

    and those helping you will:
  • share information to protect you
  • minimise disruption to other parts of your life
  • work together effectively on your behalf
  • be competent, confident, properly trained and supported
  • rigorously monitor services to continually improve how and what is done to
    help you.
  • The Charter.pdf - Size: 255.11Kb