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What happens next

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If you have, or someone else has, told Social Work or the Police they are worried about you, they will want to:

  • make sure you are safe
  • talk with you
  • listen to you and find out what, if anything, has been happening

    SPEAKING TO SOCIAL WORK / THE POLICE - When Social Work and/or the Police speak to you, you might want to speak to them on your own, or you might want an adult you can trust to be there as well.

    What you and other people say will be written down to make sure that everyone is clear about what's been said. What you have to say is very important.

    IF YOU ARE HURT - If you are hurt or injured in any way, Social Work and the Police can arrange for you to see a Doctor to make sure you are okay.

    WHAT SOCIAL WORK AND THE POLICE MAY DO - Social Work and the Police might also want to speak to other people who know you and your family well, such as a family member, your Teacher or School Nurse.

    WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT - After speaking to everyone, if Social Work and the Police believe you are safe and not at risk of harm, then there might be no need for further contact with them.

    However, if you or your family need help and support then this will be arranged. Sometimes a meeting called a Case Conference can be arranged to make sure you and your family get the help you need.

    IF YOU ARE NOT SAFE OR NOT BEING PROPERLY LOOKED AFTER - If there are worries that you are not safe or being properly looked after, a meeting called an Initial Child Protection Conference will be held. At this meeting, people will make plans to keep you safe. You and your family can attend this. It is usually better if you are able to be looked after by your own family in your own home. However, if this is not possible you might have to be looked after by someone else.

    Your views matter, let Social Workers and others know what you think might help you.
  • The Charter.pdf (255.11kb)